The Final Tryst

Beaten by night, the sun in disgrace slunk,

Its blood spilt on the ocean where it sunk,

The breeze conducted the leaves in a dirge,

When our fates parted, never to converge.

The sun found fleeting refuge in your eyes,

Like embers glowing in a fire that dies;

But gloating gloaming herald to the night,

Now claims these domains as its master’s right.

Shall I blame you being steadfast in duty

Though life’s horizon always cheerless be?

No, when it was this same nobility

Of mind that made you beloved to me.

Rather will I those walls e’en stronger make,

That the churning sea of passions would break;

Nor will endeavor to scale the fortress

Of your calm, in vain attempts to distress.

You were my light, your darkness I won’t be,

No reproaches shall tarnish your memory;

And though with this tryst my life is ended,

No word of our story will have I mended

I have always been a great believer. I've flitted from one belief to another, from religion to atheism and from one philosophy to another, until I finally settled on J. Krishnamurti whose philosophy is that there is no philosophy. So now I firmly believe that there is nothing to believe. Now such a belief would, I believe, have been considered dangerous to society if the authorities had believed me to be of any consequence. No man of consequence they believe would waste his time on the pursuit of blogging!

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13 comments on “The Final Tryst
  1. Ashwathy says:

    wow!! where did that come from?? that was heavy!!

  2. nursemyra says:

    beautiful photo. did you take it?

  3. Purba says:

    That’s an insanely gorgeous capture. Clicked in Kanyakumari?

    The setting sun does fill you with melancholy and makes you brood over past, present and future.

  4. Ketan says:

    I’m speechless! This is so intense! Your relationship (if there was one) was you ‘divine’. I can quite relate to that feeling. However, the ‘mistake’ I had made in trying to preserve the divinity of my relationship was overlooking a few hard facts. Hard facts make that which want to see as perfect, look imperfect. I don’t know if you’re still in the same mode of trying to preserve the sanctity of that relationship in your mind (if there was one), but hope you get over it, and that is when you’ll truly feel liberated of any obligations, if it is liberated that you want to feel. 🙂

    The Sun was the metaphor for what you’d shared between the two, right?

    Following were the lines I could not understand, and it would be nice if you try to explain. 🙂

    “Shall I blame you being steadfast in duty

    Though life’s horizon always cheerless be?

    No, when it was this same nobility

    Of mind that made you beloved to me.”

    And forgive me if my interpretation was way off mark, but somehow I’m not one of those who feel any interpretation will ‘do’. I don’t find beauty in that. I want to understand what the poet had in mind while writing the poetry. Any compromise on that front is a disregard for the origin of poetry. 🙂

  5. Let us say, that the narrator’s lover has some obligation to somebody very dear to her, maybe a father, or maybe even a husband, and she feels duty bound to that relationship. She feels that her personal happiness is not important compared to the sanctity of her duty, and that is the nobility of mind that the narrator is respecting.

    • Ketan says:

      So, it turns out this poetry is *not* inspired from your real life, which makes it all the more awesome for the kind of imagination it must have required! Okay, now I can understand the connection between “duty” and “nobility of mind”, but I can’t ‘practically’ think how such duty would preclude her from reciprocating your love and sharing an intimate relationship with you except if it would be something like your two living at far off places.

      BTW to get a bit personal, I could never come to hate my ex-girlfriend (except for on exactly one occasion) even after our break up precisely because she is such a nice person (nobility of mind), and somehow in my system of thoughts, those who are nice ‘deserve’ to be happy and are not to be hated. 🙂

      Thanks for the explanation!

  6. Rujuta says:

    “you were my light, your darkness I wont be” – Beautiful!! Great writing….

  7. vagabond says:

    Read through all your poems yet to go through the prose, loved it so far! The words that are so beautifully strung together and express those incredible thoughts have a degree of detachment thats very intriguing!

  8. Wanderer says:

    It touched the strings of my heart, Beautiful!

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