The Quiet Despair

In the guilty cigarette’s stolen puffs,

In the love of a friend’s manner gruff,

In the pleasing curve of a young breast,

In the mind gamboling in dialectic unrest,

In the amnesic welcome of the wine,

In the sublime expressiveness of a line,

In the exhilaration of a Sachin ton,

In the round of office politics won,

In the wife’s persistent nagging care,

In the child’s innocent pesky dare,

In  life’s little pleasures I while my time,

Waiting for a universe where you shall be mine

I have always been a great believer. I've flitted from one belief to another, from religion to atheism and from one philosophy to another, until I finally settled on J. Krishnamurti whose philosophy is that there is no philosophy. So now I firmly believe that there is nothing to believe. Now such a belief would, I believe, have been considered dangerous to society if the authorities had believed me to be of any consequence. No man of consequence they believe would waste his time on the pursuit of blogging!

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11 comments on “The Quiet Despair
  1. Terri says:

    I like it Doc it’s been a while hope all is well with you!!


  2. umashankar says:

    A masterpeice of brevity and “sublime expressiveness” . Wish you set foot on your mirage soon.

  3. In the fathoms of sagging lines..
    You are awesome Doc! liked the way you captured the delicate subtleness in life around you.

  4. Your awesomeness is palpable in your poetry. I am a big fan of your tweets and this poem has just left me mesmerised. Kudos to you doc!

  5. Engineeratloss says:

    To make words sing is sure a big test
    You make it look easy, at your hands do they rest ?
    As long as we are fans of Sachin
    Be it doctor, or engineer, its always win-win

    Your biggest fan, doc🙂

  6. S.E says:

    Intresting. I guess you are sachin’s fan.

  7. The “you” in the last line must be really lucky to have evoked such a response!!!
    beautiful it is.

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