The Glasses Are Not Pink – They’re Red

pink shades

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”

This sort of statement can only be made by an incurable romantic or an unscrupulous asshole who wants to sell his book by appealing to the inherent romantic nature of most people. The blatant stupidity of this statement is so obvious that it would be almost specious of me to attempt to refute it. So let just an example suffice. Let us suppose that both me and you are in love with the same deliciously voluptuous woman and desire to marry her with the exact same ardour and intensity. What the hell is the universe supposed to do now? Do all the forces of the universe sit at a round table and weigh the intensity of your desire against the intensity of mine on a cosmic balance? And then after lengthy and serious deliberations, presumably the chairman of the forces speaks in a deep sepulchral tone of quiet, sombre dignity:

“Now that measurements have shown Doctoratlarge’s desire for the voluptuous lady to exceed his reader’s desire for the same voluptuous lady by a value equal to the weight of 2 electrons plus a Higgs-Boson particle, it has been determined by this Grand Council of the Universe that Doctoratlarge will be allowed to have sexual intercourse for life with the above mentioned voluptuous lady. Mr Cupid is hereby directed to fly post haste to the abode of the voluptuous human female and strike her with his arrow that will evoke desire in her bosom for Doctoratlarge” *Clang of hammer* followed by “All Rise!”

Ridiculous, isn’t it? And yet, apparently a lot of addle-headed people actually do believe in this sort of arrant nonsense, which explains why the author of the unbelievably stupid quote mentioned at the beginning of this article is a bestselling author. In fact, most people in this world are romantics at heart. They believe that the Universe is essentially a benign, rosy, Eden of justice, where each of your actions are carefully scrutinized and evaluated and subsequently either rewarded or punished depending on where they lie on the scale starting from infinite goodness and extending to infinite evil. They believe that there’s something called Fate or Destiny that watches over them, takes care of them, and essentially wishes nothing but eventual good for them. All this of course, as a moment’s reflection will show, is total rubbish.

Of course the Universe is governed by laws. But they are not laws of justice. They are impersonal, implacable laws like Gravity, Thermodynamics, Relativity and other shit that is found in Physics and Chemistry. And I’m perfectly sure that none of these laws is remotely interested in our desire to copulate with the abovementioned voluptuous woman.

But I see that I still haven’t convinced you. This is because you believe in someone called God. The God who supposedly created this Universe and its laws, made the conditions that made life on Earth possible, and who wants us all to be good, sweet, kind, creative and loving human beings. You believe that this God wants justice to reign in the Universe, to ensure that goodness, industry and talent are rewarded while evil, slack and cunning are punished. This God stands like the final wall of defence protecting the pink bubble of your romanticism in which you dreamily float through existence.

Well I won’t burst your bubble, but help you burst it yourself. I ask you to perform this little mental gymnastic: namely, to suspend your belief for a brief moment. Come on, indulge me. After all, it’s much easier to believe that there is no omnipresent, omnipotent invisible entity called God than to believe that blind people can be cured by the miracle of prayer or that the Red Sea was parted to allow Moses and his party to pass.

So there is no God, okay. It follows that the Universe was created in some sort of a natural process which can be discovered by scientists if they put their minds to it sufficiently hard and sufficiently long. Was it the Big Bang or any other process – it doesn’t matter for the purposes of our present discussion. It also follows that life originated on earth through some sort of potentially discoverable biochemical reaction. Once life came into being, then it evolved slowly, over billions of years, and the only rule of evolution was – not poetic justice – survival of the fittest. Species competed with each other and among themselves for scarce resources. The winners won not because God or Fate or Destiny was on their side, but because they were stronger or longer or faster or more cunning – or merely more lucky. Thus the male of the species “Genusosus winneris” was able to copulate with the voluptuous female of its species and pass on its genes to its offspring, while the males and females of the species “Genusosus loseris ” died out. Simple. No God, no Fate, no Destiny. Just Natural Selection.

Life is governed by the rules of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (and of course your wife). It is like a Salman Khan movie – without any script. No higher force watches over you or takes care of you. There is no inherent justice in the world, poetic or otherwise. All the events in your life are either random or brought about by either the conscious planning of your mind or the subconscious undercurrents of it.

Goodness seldom triumphs in the world. Cruel, cunning assholes like Genghis Khan, Alexander and Stalin rule it. Good people like Gandhi are revered as saints or Gods while they are useful to the Nehrus of the world – thereafter only their statues survive as empty shells of their heritage while their souls are discarded into the dustbin of history. There is nothing good or bad about this process – it’s just the way of the world.

Movies and novels make us believe in romance and destiny – that an innate sense of justice is woven into the fabric of the universe. Authors of motivational books also reinforce this belief. Because they all want a piece of your money. They are selling you a psychological crutch to help you wobble your way through the senselessness and brutality of life, a sort of magical trick that conjures up a bubble of apparent security around you. They fool you, and they succeed because you are willing to be fooled.

We make friends because we’re lonely, and because they share our insecurities. Men love women because they find them sexually desirable. Women love men who give them a sense of security and stability, or provide them with a sense of adventure or excitement. Women are curious creatures who want the security of stability and simultaneously crave the thrill and excitement of unpredictability. What we call love is a curious and heady mixture of desire, attraction, longing, loneliness, jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation with more than just a tinge of bitter hatred. There are no soulmates, because there is no soul.

The Universe is not a benign, loving place which exists to help you find your desires. It’s an impersonal grand theatre that gives you a stage on which you can prance and caper for a while, until it’s time to give way to other actors like you. There is no script in this play. Nobody directs it, except you and your fellow actors. And it’s a brutal, bloody, senseless, meaningless play.

So dear romantics, the glasses with which you see the world aren’t actually pink – they are actually red with the splattered gore of the bloody passage of History. You just believe that they are pink



I have always been a great believer. I've flitted from one belief to another, from religion to atheism and from one philosophy to another, until I finally settled on J. Krishnamurti whose philosophy is that there is no philosophy. So now I firmly believe that there is nothing to believe. Now such a belief would, I believe, have been considered dangerous to society if the authorities had believed me to be of any consequence. No man of consequence they believe would waste his time on the pursuit of blogging!

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7 comments on “The Glasses Are Not Pink – They’re Red
  1. Samzza says:

    Autograph please.Awesome Article.

  2. Tarun kumar says:


  3. M says:

    Heartbreaking, but true..well almost! *fingers crossed* :’)

  4. franklin says:

    Amazing piece … keep em comng !!

  5. B k chowla says:

    It’s not very frequently that one gets to read such articles

  6. Indranil says:

    I have to take issue on a couple of points – first, the example you start with – the one about two people being equally arduously attracted to the same woman and wanting to marry her. You claim that the universe cannot solve this problem. But ever heard of something delicious called a threesome? Second, and this is of course a matter of personal opinion, but your characterization of a conniving, backstabbing person as “good people”. Somewhat on the same track as your article – I always hated it when syrupy people proclaimed that “anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it” After teaching for two decades, I disagree vehemently with that garbage.

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