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Many years ago (more than I care to remember) when I was born, a large bright star appeared to wise men across the world. Believing that a great messiah had been born to the world, these wise men traveled long distances, following the star. My star was however, quite mischievous, and led them all astray. Some were lost in the desert, some in the sea, and some vanished into thin air. That star really gave me a bad name. But judge for yourself – can one be accountable for the actions of one’s star? So I appeal to all my readers to ignore the bad name that that malicious star gave me and read my blog. I may have something interesting to say, after all.

33 comments on “About myself
  1. varsha says:

    nonsensical is sensical in insane times..

  2. ~uh~™ says:

    Who says ? You are quite a stir.

  3. Moon Mukherjee says:

    Is it ok to just sigh?

  4. Moon Mukherjee says:

    Ok then. Sigh!

  5. Moon Mukherjee says:

    Ok then.Sigh!

  6. Paras Doshi says:

    you should append your twitter stream ( which is a boon to mankind 😉 ) on the right side of the blog.

  7. Garima Obrah says:


    I am I write to you on behalf of The Viewspaper (www.theviewspaper.net) which is India’s largest youth paper and the 5th largest media company on Facebook.

    We are organizing the World’s Largest Tweet-A-Thon, a major even on twitter
    and would like to invite you as a panelist for the same.

    If interested please reply on garimaobrah@viewspaper.net.

    Garima Obrah

  8. On Parables says:

    We love your writing style, you should contribute some write up at OnParables.com !

  9. sudhansu says:

    Hope u soon get a verified tick 😀

  10. mai_she says:

    Hmmmm very interesting to catch your attention I may have at least something interesting to REPLY after all :)))

  11. mahabore says:

    Loved the introduction.

    Just a small suggestion regarding the blog though. I personally (once again, this is just me speaking from one readers’ perspective which you don’t have to take too seriously 🙂 ) don’t like the Times New Roman font.

    Maybe if you changed your font to something more contemporary, your blog would be easier on the eyes.

    But then, hey, that isn’t going to stop me from regularly coming back to your blog to check out your latest posts.


  12. Interesting introduction.

  13. Pradeep says:

    you are rockstar

  14. you are great 🙂 read your few articles all are awesome

  15. Vaibhav Jandey says:

    In other words do you want us to take from it is that one should not blame his fate(stars) for his sorrows ?

  16. zej96 says:


  17. 140caratpoet says:

    Perhaps, doctoratlarge, if you were to take a sabbatical & write a book, you would doing humanity great service. On second thoughts, looking at the 280-odd followers of your blog, don’t bother. Great blog, BTW. In fact, my favorite. 🙂

  18. Pawan Dhall says:

    Are you for real? Doesn’t matter if I don’t agree with you all the time, but you are quite a turn on!

  19. Hi Doctoratlarge,
    Want to know if you are interested in scripting for a satire show. please share your email id for the details

  20. I will keep it very short and simple! After reading ur blog i am ur “FAN”

  21. Anish Iyer says:

    your non-medical neighbour, who possess vast and extensive knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of every disease ever known to mankind 😀 i’m a practising yoga therapist and masseur, i can make hemp oil at home and i advise everyone to practice chi healing 🙂 this is magical believe it or not. i’m sure there are doctors like you who can take care of the rest 🙂 I just feel that broken bones shouldn’t happen to anyone. but i still like your approach to bollywood’s take on doctors 🙂 heal yourself and help others heal. just as an afterthought the whole idea of native healing in cultures like african and chinese and indian is not less than marvellous. coming to think of it no doctor these days can tell an ailment or a patients genetic history just by reading his pulse 😀 sounds like hocus pocus? reasearch it and better still try to learn it. thankfully i don’t need med school approval for this and many other nuggets of healing that i practice 😀 be nice and heal better 😀

  22. Anish Iyer says:

    again nothing heals or cures better than love 😀 practice thou art doctor 😀

  23. Tall Dreams says:

    Dear Bad guy,
    Followed you on Twitter.
    Amazed at myself to have ended up agreeing to views expressed by a self-proclaimed ‘bad’ anti-feminist.
    Following your blog now. Hoping to stay amazed.
    Your bittersweet pills are more addictive than I bargained for…stay bad, stay sexy!

  24. The odds of doctors for being ardent, unapologetic assholes are so rare that u already seem to be walking in the boots of doctor House from House MD!

    The dark reality, realization of what’s happening around and political insight of this quality makes it even more tempting for readers to be swept in this blog.

    And am glad that doctors like you have attempted to change the way people look at doctors and their duties.

    So someday it might happen that we could flaunt the personalities we own and have even better chemistry with patients!

  25. Loved your blog and your twitter page. I am the editor of Chicken soup series for the soul for India. This is my new venture (not so new actually). wanted to interview you for it 🙂 https://www.bonobology.com/ Let me know if we can connect 🙂

  26. Abdus says:

    Awesome blog boss. Keep it up. Really liked it. Just one small suggestion.😊 Do add a contact form in your blog. Many people like me wants to contact you but no option.

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