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She and Me

She’s brave, while I cower from fate, She’s practical, I’m a pseudo-philosopher, She plans, I dream, She dances, I gesticulate She guzzles her cocktails, Greedy as a calf sucking milk, I sip my scotch like the sun Sucking the ocean

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The Bitter Feminist Goddess

When Superman was first created he had the power to jump tall buildings, run as fast as a train and dodge bullets. His creators gradually increased his powers, till he had strength enough to lift planets, speed equal to the

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Adam and Eve

We look out of the window pane Hear the muffled roar Of the patient monster waiting outside To snap us up in its jaws. The tick of clock behind us Like the raindrops of time Corroding their ruthless way Through

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Ode To A Bird

Winged traveler of life, Painting clouds on the sky, Riding the horses of wind How high can you fly? Not more than can I With the arrows of my mind I travel to more distant skies Than you can ever

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Dance Of Naked Desire

Standing at the edge Of the universe, Smoke from a cigarette Curling around my thoughts, Knowing not which were more lethal To me. Peering inside, I saw her Dancing with the wolves, The dance of naked desire. And in my

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Love Is Painful

It’s so painful To keep the gates of my heart open, Waiting for you to melt in, Letting my laughing demons out, Hoping you’ll ignore them. It’s so painful To look into your luminous eyes, Hungrily lapping up the light,

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The Nature of Love

I held her softness in my arms Her hard nipples stabbing my chest Till the world outside threatened To burst in through the doors. Then she shattered in my arms And vanished like a dream Her pieces digging into my

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