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In the frothy sea of self-loathingI floundered and drifted,Like a dead piece of wood,Like a straw that stayed afloatBecause it had no weight,Like the hollow bones of a birdWings devoid of feathersPlucked out by itself.I called out to her to

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Modern Woman

You of the soft lips who drinksThe wine from your lover’s cup,Gazing with steady eyesAs the liquid tumbles to unknown depths,Your arms smooth as marbleHolding him to your perfect breasts,As his blood beats in vain violenceAgainst your steady determined heart.

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सेल्फ लव की आँधी

कोरोना महामारी के प्रकोप के चलते कई महीनों बाद अपने एक पुराने दोस्त से मुलाकात हुई। घर से बाहर जाना तो नहीं चाहता था, पर दोस्त ने बहुत आग्रह किया और इस बात पर बहुत ज़ोर दिया कि उनकी धर्मपत्नी

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The Conflict Eternal

The human heart is somehow drawn to beauty, love and has an innate comprehension of the sacred. It wants to love without limits or conditions, wants to spread its light to drive away the darkness enveloping humanity, wants to give

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The Guide

He lay besides me in the meadow and said,Oh look at the clouds swimming on the blue sky.He sat with me on the moonlit deck and said,Look how lonely the city lights are.He sat with me on the little park

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Oh Freedom!

Oh Freedom!I know they sing of youIn baritones on the parade grounds,In shrieks over cheering crowdsAnd sounds of frenzied guitar-fingers.The Times of (Anything) print daily prayers to youEven if they sell themselves to the highest bidder,And old men stand on

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Whisperings, In the night And in the dark of the daylight, As the world swirls around me, Battering me like a hurricane, With a thousand hammers of words and eyes, And I entwine myself in my own arms, Like a

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You Forgive

He promises you the rainbow And he stamps it on your face, Places his heart at your feet And his hand across your cheek, Wants to heal with pleading words Shattered esteem and bleeding skin, With mighty oaths of unending

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