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Time Travails

I’m always on time for everything. Except my work. I’m never on time for that. Doesn’t matter what time I’m supposed to report – morning, afternoon, midnight (quite usual during my residency days) – I’m never on time. It’s totally

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The Poor and The Poor Mind

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How to Marry The Woman of Your Dreams: a Scientific Treatise

The process by which the female of any animal species selects the male with whom she will cohabit and let him pass his genes to her progeny is called sexual selection. And while feminists are often prone to confuse Homo

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The Adventure Of The Fierce Feminist

God rested on Sunday, but his creation man never could. Not after God created Eve, anyway. So, that sunny Sunday, I was trudging behind my own Eve in the Eden of modern times- the mall- holding her progressively heavy shopping

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From Traffic Rules To Ruling The Traffic

Every morning and every evening (except Sunday evenings), people tried to kill me. They were all unknown to me and had no reason whatsoever to do so. And yet, it was perfectly obvious that they hated me, viciously. As I

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How To Become a Twitter Celeb

First of all lets face it – Twitter is important. People who claim to be too busy in ‘real life’ (which essentially means working hard on weekdays to make money and accompanying the wife and kids to the malls to

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Gym Gimmicks

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I was curled up on the sofa, reading the newspaper. I always read the newspaper. I think its important to know which third world country Brangelina is adopting their latest child from or the

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