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Paradise Lost (by Satan)

I lay on the field, burning, My skin with your thunderbolts, My heart with your contempt, My mind with impotent anger: That you threw me so easily, Like a hand brushing dust That dared to smudge the shirt’s front, While

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Binodini’s Story

I saw your eyes, Like still water, Reflecting my pure soul. But turmoil of hurt and anger Drove me mad, And I was drawn like a fly Trapped in the sticky web Of my own cunning spider mind. I trapped

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Your shocked face I saw In the mirror, As you stabbed me In the back of my heart; In the mirror of your eyes I saw my face twisted In a smile no different from everyday, And though you sought

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Chase your dreams, they say And you run, and you run, For what? Are those dreams yours? Or are they the scraps Thrown from your master’s table, To well-fed beasts who rush Baying through the forest, Trampling the trees, Tearing

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Adam and Eve

We look out of the window pane Hear the muffled roar Of the patient monster waiting outside To snap us up in its jaws. The tick of clock behind us Like the raindrops of time Corroding their ruthless way Through

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Ode To A Bird

Winged traveler of life, Painting clouds on the sky, Riding the horses of wind How high can you fly? Not more than can I With the arrows of my mind I travel to more distant skies Than you can ever

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Dance Of Naked Desire

Standing at the edge Of the universe, Smoke from a cigarette Curling around my thoughts, Knowing not which were more lethal To me. Peering inside, I saw her Dancing with the wolves, The dance of naked desire. And in my

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