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A Cowboy’s Soul

It was a dainty little town, yes, Sleepy and calm, With a happy river tumbling along Nipping playfully at its feet. And you could go to the salon For a spot of beer sometimes, Or better, lie in the sunny

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True Love

Well darling, The chocolate has melted Into ugly little smears, The card from the little sidewalk shack Has been mistakenly given to the trashman, The lovely morn of our love Has been covered with black curtains, And the night in

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The Real Cost 

That which lets you pursue your goals, To fuck the planet in all its holes; To plant your dreams of power and money In gardens beyond, for borders seem so funny; To kill for the right to save some beasts

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What I Really Want

I get the best of you Your dazzling smile Your warm eyes The gentle brush of your fingers on my skin The glow of your passion The height of your desire The depths of your lust A nest in your

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Boys In A Tea Stall

Unwashed, uncombed, they sit On the rusted benches, Sipping strong tea on credit. “To class go the wenches Dressed, snooty, trying to look classy” The talk soon turns to philosophy:   “Girls read, not for love or sense But to

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Slicing Through The Heart

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From Traffic Rules To Ruling The Traffic

Every morning and every evening (except Sunday evenings), people tried to kill me. They were all unknown to me and had no reason whatsoever to do so. And yet, it was perfectly obvious that they hated me, viciously. As I

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