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Dear Doctor, Stop Crying

I think we doctors are crying too much these days. A few points I’d like to point out (excuse the pun). 1) Nobody put a gun to our heads to force us to become doctors. It was entirely our choice,

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She and Me

She’s brave, while I cower from fate, She’s practical, I’m a pseudo-philosopher, She plans, I dream, She dances, I gesticulate She guzzles her cocktails, Greedy as a calf sucking milk, I sip my scotch like the sun Sucking the ocean

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Love Is Painful

It’s so painful To keep the gates of my heart open, Waiting for you to melt in, Letting my laughing demons out, Hoping you’ll ignore them. It’s so painful To look into your luminous eyes, Hungrily lapping up the light,

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I Know

I tried to blow it away like a feather, It came back like a homing bird; I crushed it like a dried up flower, It grew moist soft petals in my palm; I cast it off like tattered old clothes,

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A Cowboy’s Soul

It was a dainty little town, yes, Sleepy and calm, With a happy river tumbling along Nipping playfully at its feet. And you could go to the salon For a spot of beer sometimes, Or better, lie in the sunny

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True Love

Well darling, The chocolate has melted Into ugly little smears, The card from the little sidewalk shack Has been mistakenly given to the trashman, The lovely morn of our love Has been covered with black curtains, And the night in

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The Real Cost 

That which lets you pursue your goals, To fuck the planet in all its holes; To plant your dreams of power and money In gardens beyond, for borders seem so funny; To kill for the right to save some beasts

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