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Love Is Painful

It’s so painful To keep the gates of my heart open, Waiting for you to melt in, Letting my laughing demons out, Hoping you’ll ignore them. It’s so painful To look into your luminous eyes, Hungrily lapping up the light,

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Because Winning is Everything

Maybe it was your lack of skill Or simply lack of will for kill, You may have crumpled all your dreams “Ah, it’s so good to just flow with the stream” – But in the dark basement of your head,

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Piece Of Sky

There’s no point in dreaming Rains will wash away the tears, For baby, I’ve lost The piece of my sky    There’s no point in spreading Your wings to help me fly For baby, I’ve lost The piece of my

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The Child’s Dream

He had a voting card, Which entitled him to press a button, And pretend to decide the nation’s fate.   He had a driving license too. The state recognized his right, To drive to anywhere or nowhere.   They let

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Sky: Crumpled, spotted, bleached of blue Clouds: Misty, puffing out of shape Air: Dull, dirty, stinging, heavy People: Sullen, angry, restless Dreams: Jagged, bleeding, broken edges Life: Stale, placid, passionless 

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