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The Conflict Eternal

The human heart is somehow drawn to beauty, love and has an innate comprehension of the sacred. It wants to love without limits or conditions, wants to spread its light to drive away the darkness enveloping humanity, wants to give

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The Bitter Feminist Goddess

When Superman was first created he had the power to jump tall buildings, run as fast as a train and dodge bullets. His creators gradually increased his powers, till he had strength enough to lift planets, speed equal to the

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Love Is Painful

It’s so painful To keep the gates of my heart open, Waiting for you to melt in, Letting my laughing demons out, Hoping you’ll ignore them. It’s so painful To look into your luminous eyes, Hungrily lapping up the light,

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The Nature of Love

I held her softness in my arms Her hard nipples stabbing my chest Till the world outside threatened To burst in through the doors. Then she shattered in my arms And vanished like a dream Her pieces digging into my

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A cloud, Not black, not full of charity To river or to barren farm; Fuzzy and frayed, No shapes to engage man or child; Not coloured crimson by romantic sun Going down in blaze of glory. Just lolling, lazy in

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Our Moments

Our moments of togetherness, Condensed, dense with passions, Packed tight with life.   Now stretch them, Like a bit of chewed gum, Across the empty space and time of lovelessness, Sustaining life in our shells, Till we meet again  

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The Quiet Despair

In the guilty cigarette’s stolen puffs, In the love of a friend’s manner gruff, In the pleasing curve of a young breast, In the mind gamboling in dialectic unrest, In the amnesic welcome of the wine, In the sublime expressiveness

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