You Forgive

He promises you the rainbow
And he stamps it on your face,
Places his heart at your feet
And his hand across your cheek,
Wants to heal with pleading words
Shattered esteem and bleeding skin,
With mighty oaths of unending love
Builds a prison of unending pain.
You see the beauty of tender words
Ignore the ugly truth of blows,
You forgive the snarling beast in him
He’s learning to control it, you say.
But the beast called Rage is yet untamed
And does not live chained in a kennel,
But springs out of a subterranean hell,
Through the invisible fractures of an unformed heart.
And forgiveness is a noble virtue
A beautiful lake in the valley of love,
But on the marshy lands of desperate need,
It forms a bog that sucks down the soul.

I have always been a great believer. I've flitted from one belief to another, from religion to atheism and from one philosophy to another, until I finally settled on J. Krishnamurti whose philosophy is that there is no philosophy. So now I firmly believe that there is nothing to believe. Now such a belief would, I believe, have been considered dangerous to society if the authorities had believed me to be of any consequence. No man of consequence they believe would waste his time on the pursuit of blogging!

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2 comments on “You Forgive
  1. Prity Mishra says:

    I have so many thoughts after reading this, but I am not good in expressing it.
    You have penned down the physical abuse in a relationship so beautifully, specifically the constant hope of the person, that one day!!! someday!! ,everything is going to be ok .

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