The Conflict Eternal

The human heart is somehow drawn to beauty, love and has an innate comprehension of the sacred. It wants to love without limits or conditions, wants to spread its light to drive away the darkness enveloping humanity, wants to give kindness without getting anything in return. It sees the beauty of unlimited giving.

But the brain isn’t brave enough to let it do so. The brain being the product of the evolution of millions of years of struggle for survival only wants to survive at any cost. It is afraid to give, afraid to surrender to the emotions of the heart, because that goes completely against the law of the survival of the fittest, the law that states that only the most cunning, the most opportunistic, the most selfish will survive.

This permanent opposition of the ever-giving heart and the ever-acquisitive brain is the cause of the incessant conflict that goes on in every human being.

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The Guide

He lay besides me in the meadow and said,
Oh look at the clouds swimming on the blue sky.
He sat with me on the moonlit deck and said,
Look how lonely the city lights are.
He sat with me on the little park bench and said,
That lovely woman there is an angel of happiness.
He went with me to the marketplace and said,
It’s all so cheap, let’s go to a museum instead.
He held my lighter when I smoked so hard,
Said, poor you, you don’t deserve to be so lonely.
Whatever I saw, heard, touched and loved,
He was always there, guiding me every step,
Not as a friend, but as a controlling fiend,
Living his own life through every moment of mine,
This Devil called my mind

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Oh Freedom!

Oh Freedom!
I know they sing of you
In baritones on the parade grounds,
In shrieks over cheering crowds
And sounds of frenzied guitar-fingers.
The Times of (Anything) print daily prayers to you
Even if they sell themselves to the highest bidder,
And old men stand on raised platforms
And give you to young men for the small price of death.

But really, my soul would rather be bound
Inside my body,
And my body inside hers,
Inhaling her softness,
Swimming in her smells,
Shaped by her caresses,
Stabbed by her eyes.
Truly oh freedom, not you I want,
All I want, is to belong to her.

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In the night
And in the dark of the daylight,
As the world swirls around me,
Battering me like a hurricane,
With a thousand hammers of words and eyes,
And I entwine myself in my own arms,
Like a tortoise.

To give up the fight,
To sink under the dark waves,
Till the rock bottom of the sea,
To grow rows of tearing teeth,
Be a mindless hunter of the depths,
To be the whispering demon that says:
You can win – just be ugly.

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You Forgive

He promises you the rainbow
And he stamps it on your face,
Places his heart at your feet
And his hand across your cheek,
Wants to heal with pleading words
Shattered esteem and bleeding skin,
With mighty oaths of unending love
Builds a prison of unending pain.
You see the beauty of tender words
Ignore the ugly truth of blows,
You forgive the snarling beast in him
He’s learning to control it, you say.
But the beast called Rage is yet untamed
And does not live chained in a kennel,
But springs out of a subterranean hell,
Through the invisible fractures of an unformed heart.
And forgiveness is a noble virtue
A beautiful lake in the valley of love,
But on the marshy lands of desperate need,
It forms a bog that sucks down the soul.

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Goodbye Napoleon

Goodbye Napoleon!
Little man with big hopes
Of being the world’s sun,
Of burning it down,
Of losing half a million souls
In the churning furnace
Of your dreams,
With a sad shake of the head.
Your Waterloo is done
Your ships are burnt,
Time to wipe your story
From the pages of memory,
And write a simpler one –
Maybe, The Old Man and The Sea.

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Oh why don’t you leave me alone??
Why not?
Can’t you see I’m plunging
Headlong into the deep
Caves of my mind,
Looking for my pet bats
To tear up my flesh?
Can’t you see I’m busy
In gouging out my eyes
So that I can see the truth?
Can’t you see I die
Because I want so hard to live?
Oh why? Why did you?
Why did you leave me alone?

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Let’s Block The Feminists

So a stand up comic has been accused and convicted by Twitter court of sexual harrassment. The irony is, this particular comic was a vocal feminist and a woke (in contrast to the rest of presumably asleep humanity) who had hounded a lot of people on Twitter for being misogynist. The bigger irony is that he was brought down by a woman belonging to the species called feminist, a species that is worshipped as some sort of a major goddess by woke liberal males. The specific acts mostly consisted of his soliciting nude pics from many women and sending his dick pics to them. This was considered to be heinous sexual harrassment, though it wasn’t really clear why these seemingly intelligent women didn’t perform the simple measure of blocking this guy and avoiding seeing his presumably unaesthetic organ of procreation. Or maybe I’m just a dense guy who does not understand the value of making mountains out of molehills (I don’t refer to the size of the organ here) in promoting one’s career and popularity. Because in this era of social media, you don’t need talent to succeed – you need outrage.

This public shaming of the comic set off a series of serious disclosures, with many women coming up with their stories of sexual harrassment, many with screenshots of DMs and WhatsApp conversations with the predator males as proof. Some of the tales were pretty horrific, with women having been subjected to forced kissing and groping which were disturbing to read. But a lot many consisted of men asking for sexual favours from women, admittedly in ways which were crude, unmannered and presumptuous. However, what was really remarkable was, that many of these men immediately stopped when the women told them they were not interested. The import was, that in this modern feminist doctrine, if a man asks a woman for sex, he automatically becomes a pervert, even if he desists as soon as the woman tells him she’s not interested.

Even more interesting was women bringing up old relationships with men, where the sexual relationship had been consensual, and subsequently the relationships had deteriorated – human relationships, like human bodies, having the tendency to decay in their health as time progresses. These relationships were now presented as sexual harrassment because of the obvious fact that consensual sex has a tendency to go back into the past and convert itself into sexual harrassment. This is complicated feminist science that ordinary mortals, even of the calibre of Einstein, cannot understand. In all these tales there was a presumption by the teller and the sympathetic listeners that the women’s versions be believed without any proof or room for circumspection – apparently, women ARE from Venus, and people from Venus are biologically incapable of lying or manipulating.

A host of other allegations too surfaced. A female comic demanded that she receive equal payment as her more talented and popular male colleague who was the face of the show they did together. Other women demanded that any man who dares to voice an opinion contrary to a woman’s opinion on any subject be branded a patriarchal sexual predator.
In the midst of all this madness, there were many women who were able to maintain their sanity, remain logical, and wished to hear the other side of the story as well before forming a decided opinion. On the other hand, there were a lot of men who used this opportunity to score points in the pointless battle that Twitter has now become. Many men tried to prove that they were more feminist than the feminist women by being even more illogical and hateful.

It’s obvious that there’s a systematic and deliberate attempt by a lot of women and men to take over the platform of Twitter by branding everyone who speaks against their opinions on any matter as misogynist, patriarchal, or even worse, a sexual predator. Most of these people are absolutely devoid of any talent or ability, and yet feel entitled to every privilege of success by playing the card of victimhood.

And remember, I’m only talking about social media here. I’m not talking about real life, where a lot of both urban and rural women are still suffering the yoke of misogyny and patriarchy and leading oppressed, exploited lives. I’m talking about mostly privileged women, who want to use the suffering of these other women to get privileges and control of social media platforms for themselves, without having the requisite talent to do so. These ladies have absolutely no interest in uplifting anyone or anything in society, except their own careers.

I’m really sick of this state of affairs, and I’m absolutely sure that all sensible men and women too are sick of it. Twitter is a wonderful platform to have fun, crack jokes, flirt, find love and to express one’s opinions freely on any subject that one cares for. And this beautiful platform has been converted by these feminists into a hateful tense place where normal people are afraid to say anything. I propose that we do something about it. I propose that we normal, sensible people get together and stop interacting with these feminists – men or women. Let us not give their outrages even a bit of recognition, either negative or positive. Let these feminists fester in their own cesspool of narrow-minded hatred. Let them live in their own dark universe of false victimhood and hatred for everything good, intelligent, cheeky or witty. Let the sensible people say that enough is enough – we don’t want any more hate and close-minded outrages on Twitter.
I for one am beginning the fightback by blocking every single feminist on Twitter. I suggest you do the same. Long live logic, sense, intelligence and wit.

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