Dance Of Naked Desire

Standing at the edge
Of the universe,
Smoke from a cigarette
Curling around my thoughts,
Knowing not which were more lethal
To me.
Peering inside, I saw her
Dancing with the wolves,
The dance of naked desire.
And in my head the universe
Exploded into every bit,
Bits not arranged but jumbled
Into pieces that did not fit,
Into shapes that were fancy,
Into meanings that weren’t meant;
And all I could see
Was the nakedness of desire.
I saw her again, floating through
Lolling tongues and glowing eyes;
And I walked away
For what could I offer
Except futile complexities and broken thoughts?
And found her walking besides me
Eyes warm with kindness
And a heart naked with desire.

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Love Is Painful

It’s so painful

To keep the gates of my heart open,

Waiting for you to melt in,

Letting my laughing demons out,

Hoping you’ll ignore them.

It’s so painful

To look into your luminous eyes,

Hungrily lapping up the light,

Hoping against hope that my darkness,

Will not engulf it to doom.

It’s so painful

To be vulnerable like a rock

Naked and waiting to be hewed,

Hoping you’ll like the shape

That emerges from the cuts.

It’s so painful

To open my eyes and dream

Of clouds and sky and rain,

Hoping that in the journey of life,

There’s something more than death.

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The Nature of Love

I held her softness in my arms

Her hard nipples stabbing my chest

Till the world outside threatened

To burst in through the doors.

Then she shattered in my arms

And vanished like a dream

Her pieces digging into my skin.

Later when she called

And asked if my wounds were bleeding,

Her voice choked with tears of joy When I said, “Yes”.

And the sunlight was washed By gloomy raindrops,

Birds fluttered their wings To dust away the grime,

And people scuttled through

The tunnels of the world

Seeking for happiness,

And love lay quietly sobbing,

Just living for its pain

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I Know

I tried to blow it away like a feather,

It came back like a homing bird;

I crushed it like a dried up flower,

It grew moist soft petals in my palm;

I cast it off like tattered old clothes,

It warmed me with golden sunrays;

Like an autumn leaf it yellowed & fell,

But came back green and vital –

I have felt it and held it and seen it,

And I know that love is for real.

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A Cowboy’s Soul

It was a dainty little town, yes,

Sleepy and calm,

With a happy river tumbling along

Nipping playfully at its feet.

And you could go to the salon

For a spot of beer sometimes,

Or better, lie in the sunny meadow

With hat covering smiling face,

Head resting on sweetheart’s softest lap.
But maybe the Town of Love

Ain’t where a cowboy lives long,

But has to leave his heart behind,

And hit the dusty, parched trail.

For it’s not in the guitar

Or in the Colt or the tireless horse,

But in the endless blue blue sky,

That the soul of a cowboy lies,

And where it slowly slowly heals.

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Lusty Woman

She’s a lusty woman wading through

The sparkling waves of the shallow sea,

Gazing fondly on one man,

Flirting with another, and kissing three.

Her brazen swells dipping with the waves,

Her eyes shining with a drunken mirth,

And I think that here’s just another fish,

With bright colors and of shallow worth.

And then I catch her eyes like the deep sea,

Whales of passion roaming in a fleet,

With a Kraken of sadness brooding beneath,

And my heart melts at the goddess’s feet.

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The ocean shatters his heart to pieces

In passionate anger against cold earth;

Our love has withstood the fury of words,

Will it stand the deadly challenge of silences?

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