Lusty Woman

She’s a lusty woman wading through

The sparkling waves of the shallow sea,

Gazing fondly on one man,

Flirting with another, and kissing three.

Her brazen swells dipping with the waves,

Her eyes shining with a drunken mirth,

And I think that here’s just another fish,

With bright colors and of shallow worth.

And then I catch her eyes like the deep sea,

Whales of passion roaming in a fleet,

With a Kraken of sadness brooding beneath,

And my heart melts at the goddess’s feet.

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The ocean shatters his heart to pieces

In passionate anger against cold earth;

Our love has withstood the fury of words,

Will it stand the deadly challenge of silences?

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Because Winning is Everything

Maybe it was your lack of skill

Or simply lack of will for kill,

You may have crumpled all your dreams

“Ah, it’s so good to just flow with the stream” –

But in the dark basement of your head,

The place where angels tremble in dread,

Neatly stacked and stinking fresh,

Lie your dreams with wounded flesh;

And each little cut of past defeat,

Refusing to soothe with false sweet

Balms of lying quack Philosophy,

And lotion of human brotherhood rosy.

You wanna walk a life in his golden shoe

And you wanna have his golden-skinned wife too,

If the grass seems greener on the other side

The only real way is to take it, your own besides.

And though you may think death is sweet,

But each new hammered nail of defeat

Makes the cross groan as pathetic as ever;

Because winning is everything, now and forever

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In the spikes of her unruly hair

In the brown warmth of her eyes

In the glint of her wicked smile

In the love softness of her skin

In the proud swell of her curves

In the sunlight of her soul,

He found himself.

And finding him empty, nothing,

She left him –

And within every tiny fiber of herself,

She found him.

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The Leaf

Tender it sprouted,

Green and clean,

Swaying with the breeze

Or was calm in the still;

Bearing the sun,

Long as it could,

Till yellowed and shriveled

It fell from the sky;

Never hearing the call

Silent and far

From its guiding star.

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​Why does it pain so

Now that it’s lost?

It was so empty and meaningless

And its promises so vague

As the reason scoffed at,

And the world looked at it

As an amusing toy

To be given away in a garage sale.

And now it feels like

The end of eternity,

And I have no corner

Of refuge from the world.

For how can I fly

When my little piece of sky

Is lost forever?

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Why should I blame you for my hurts?

Is the Sun responsible for the loss of sight

When one gazes too fondly on its light?

Is the Moon to be charged with crime

If for it in sad song the nightingale pine?

Life has a contract to extract the rent of death

So will I return its joys when its lease endeth?

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